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Sunday, April 3, 2016

2016 Youth Art Show Winners

163 area youths submitted their talented works to the 5th Annual Youth Art Exhibition held recently at the Powerhouse.  A reception was held in conjunction with the Art Crawl on March 22nd. 

Categories were determined by age and amount of entries.

Pre-School - 1st Grade

1st Place:  Bluebird
Jackson Barbieri - Chalk

2nd Place:  Block Life
Tommy Grosskopf  - Mixed Media

3rd Place:  Polar Bear
Michael Fudge - Mixed Media

HM:  Sun Explosion
Chloe Liebenberg - Watercolor

Second Grade

1st Place - Pretty Peacock
McCarley Wyatt - Pastel

2nd Place - Still Life
Javin Mitchelle - Mixed Media

3rd Place:  The Puppeteer
Gray Fisher - Pencil

HM:  Mississippi Landscape
Tyler Beard - Crayon Resist

HM:  Over the Hills
Amelia Helmert - Mixed Media

HM:  Star Shine
Lizah Holland - Mixed Media

Third Grade

1st Place:  Magic Planet
Caroline Wilson

2nd Place:  The Farm
Andrea Rhea - Acrylic

3rd Place: Sunset
Caroline Perkins - Mixed Media

HM:  Blooming Lotus Dream
Anna Cooper - Acrylic

Fourth Grade

1st Place: Sunny Side Wolf
Brinn Vaughn - Watercolor

2nd Place:  The Fox
Danielle Dock - Watercolor

3rd Place:  Inspired by O'Keefe
Ella Beth Hurdle - Oil
HM:  The One That Got Away
Ava Noe - Mixed Media

Fifth and Sixth Grade

1st Place:  Cat
William Kincaid - Pastel

2nd Place:  Brown Beauty
Laila Owens - Acrylic

3rd Place:  Charger
Eva Childress - Pastel

HM:  God's Gifts
Izzy Blaylock - Pastel

Seventh - Ninth Grade

1st Place:  Still Life
Mary Gough - Pastel and Colored Pencil

2nd Place:  Something
Hai Hai Fisher - Pencil

3rd Place:  Leroy
Grant Barbieri - Chalk

HM:  Bunnies
Lyric Jean Heavner - Watercolor

HM:  Untitles
Sarah Kwas - Markers/Pens

Tenth - Twelfth Grade

1st Place:  Seventeen
Kaitlin Vanderford - Graphite

2nd Place:  Sherlock
Anja Diercks - Mixed Media

3rd Place:  Who Wants You
Abigail Elliot - Oil

3rd Place:  Faith
Charli Kendricks - Watercolor and Colored Pencil

HM:  Cross My Heart
Emma Humphreys - Oil

HM:  Orchids
Madeline Henderson - Charcoal/Colored Pencil

People's Choice:  Water Dancer

Savanna Faulkner - Oil