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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Needs for Youth Art Classes

Art Camp Needs
If anyone has any of the following items, they can donate to the youth art summer program, we would greatly appreciate it!
Drop off at the Powerhouse Monday-Friday between 9 and 5.  Our Sculpture class is the second week of June so the quicker we can get these things, the better. Much thanks in advance!
1.paper tubes-from wrapping paper, toilet paper, and paper towels
2. plastic cups from apple sauce or fruit cups-the little plastic cups that these items come in are very handy in the art room and we will use them for sculptures as well and maracas if we get enough.
3. Styrofoam packing material-not the peanuts but the actual styrofoam that cushions electronics, etc. We can cut it for space creatures!
4. plastic lids from soda-the more colorful the better
5. scrap wood pieces
6. old buttons from cast off clothing, etc.
7. bottle caps-metal from soda, beer, etc.
8. wine corks
9. mat board scraps

We do not need anymore glass jars or egg cartons. We have enough of those but the above items can be very useful. You can drop it off at the Powerhouse with ART CAMP written on it and leave your name on it, so I can send you a thank you and photos of what we make.